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  • Meet Me In The Margins

    Meet Me In The Margins

    “The written word became my passion. And from that moment on all I knew was what an incredible honor it would be to bring that adventure, that life, that joy, that hope, that world to somebody else.” Savannah cade

  • Once Upon A Wardrobe

    Once Upon A Wardrobe

    “I know you think the whole world is held together by some math formula… But I’ve thought about this a lot, and I think the world is held together by stories.”

  • Surprised by Joy

    Surprised by Joy

    The beauty of a good book is that it can bring something new to life in us, it can feed us with knowledge and ideas, and can encourage us to keep seeking and growing. This is why I cannot complete my list without including the true LIVING BOOK. The book that is above all other…

  • Formed of Words

    Formed of Words

    Words hold so much power and potential, don’t they? Stories have the capacity to transport us to potentially otherwise unexplored places of our imagination or wonderings. They instruct and educate us, they encourage and inspire, they stretch and challenge; they affirm and comfort.

  • Book girl

    Book girl

    “Book girl” is a magical memoir and practical ‘how to read well’ guide for all book girls worldwide. Uncovering the beauty of a reading life, Sarah takes us on a journey beginning from her early girlhood reading years and through her adult life as she shares many profound and meaningful books which have imparted truth,…



    I am so thrilled to introduce our newest BTB Bookclub leaders!

  • We Live in an R Rated World

    We Live in an R Rated World

    Sister, there is so much beauty to behold and there is so much goodness to fix your eyes on. – Renee Emerson