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  • Faithful Friendships

    Faithful Friendships

    Friends, we need to ask ourselves a few things. Will we die to ourselves? Will we take up our cross and love our friends in the way which Jesus first role modelled loving friendship to us? Will we say no to gossip, judgement, unforgiveness and drama with the help of Christ? Will we sacrificially love…

  • Don’t Trust Your Heart

    Don’t Trust Your Heart

    “We see, first, that it is possible to be in the company of Jesus and not realize it (Luke 24:16). While it’s always good to seek God’s presence (Jer. 29:13), we needn’t take seasons of emotional or spiritual dryness as proof of his absence. God said he would never leave or forsake us (Duet. 31:6);…

  • Making a list

    Making a list

    Being an overly ambitious person, making lists is a habit I let go of long ago – lest the list control my life. But there is one list I’ll never regret making and that was the “perfect friend list”. I longingly sent this list up to the Lord in prayer as a lonely hurting woman…