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  • The Christmas Compass

    The Christmas Compass

    Young Kaatjie learns powerful lessons about generosity, friendship and hospitality in this beautiful Dutch family Christmas story.



    The L. M. Montgomery Christmas Collection is a darling selection of all things Christmas, sweet, wholesome, beautiful, true, and lovely. The collection of short stories and poetry envelopes the reader in Montgomery’s snowy and faith-filled Christmasy world

  • You Make it Feel Like Christmas

    You Make it Feel Like Christmas

    This is a touching and relatable Christmas novella, reminding us that things are not always as we perceive them to be. If we choose to live more alert to others at Christmastime, we can put aside past hurts, unforgiveness, and competitiveness, and live within the moment, embracing the true Christmas spirit. The fruit of these…

  • Treasuring God in Our Traditions

    Treasuring God in Our Traditions

    “Although this book offers ideas that I hope will be helpful as examples of God-centred traditions, it is not a how-to manual. I am praying that it will inspire us to look at God with fresh eyes, to see and love and desire the treasure that he is. And I’m praying that the traditions of…

  • Catching Christmas

    Catching Christmas

    “This time with Callie hasn’t been wasted. My life is changed from knowing her. It’s changed from knowing Sydney. It’s changed from brushing against Jesus, who orchestrated a do-over for me.” – FINN PARISH