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  • Dear Henry, Love Edith

    Dear Henry, Love Edith

    “Adventures aren’t supposed to be easy, right? That’s why they’re called adventures.” 

  • Growing Together

    Growing Together

    Melissa B Kruger’s book is very timely. She gives us the perfect hands-on tools and support to encourage women to go deeper, to move past the small talk and to enter into those much needed, life-giving relationships. This book is not just about what a biblical mentor is, but it is a practical “how-to” guide…

  • Women of the Word

    Women of the Word

    “It seemed beyond obvious that if God has given us his revealed will in the Bible, I should be spending more time trying to know and understand it. But the task seemed overwhelming. Where was I supposed to start?” – Jen Wilkin

  • What Were You Created For?

    What Were You Created For?

    First and foremost we are created to worship the Lord, and be in relationship with Him. But we are also given ‘holy work’ (as Ruth Chou Simons calls it), work which is ordained by God for our good and His glory.



    I am so thrilled to introduce our newest BTB Bookclub leaders!

  • Closer Than A Sister

    Closer Than A Sister

    “We are one of those countless stars in the sky, a grain of sand on the seashore that together make up the people of God.” – Christina Fox