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  • Finding True Joy

    Finding True Joy

    I am not speaking about happiness here. There is a distinct difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is a quality or a state of being happy. It is a very fleeting emotion. It is based on your fortune, circumstances in life and people centric experiences. Joy however is an emotion of great delight caused by…

  • Embracing Sacrificial Motherhood

    Embracing Sacrificial Motherhood

    Practising Mother Culture allows us to find the right things which refresh our souls, for the benefit of those around us and for our personal peace, joy, contentment, and physical wellbeing.

  • Embracing the Scenic Route

    Embracing the Scenic Route

    When my tender mum heart begins to become overwhelmed, I only need to seek refuge in the Lord. I know He is in control and that I can do all of the things He sets before me, because He is my strength and comfort. Humanly, this is impossible. But when I focus my eyes above…

  • Seasons


    As each season ends a new begins. Some seasons last a long time, while others may be sweet and short. Each season is crucial and unavoidable for our personal growth and relationship building with the Lord. – Renee Emerson