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  • The Words Between Us

    The Words Between Us

    “Erin Bartels has created a story that feels more like a memory, something I lived, than a piece of fiction. If you are a person who finds meaning and life in the written word, then you’ll find yourself hidden among these pages” – Shaun Smucker

  • Once Upon A Wardrobe

    Once Upon A Wardrobe

    “I know you think the whole world is held together by some math formula… But I’ve thought about this a lot, and I think the world is held together by stories.”

  • Book girl

    Book girl

    “Book girl” is a magical memoir and practical ‘how to read well’ guide for all book girls worldwide. Uncovering the beauty of a reading life, Sarah takes us on a journey beginning from her early girlhood reading years and through her adult life as she shares many profound and meaningful books which have imparted truth,…

  • Leading Little Ones to Lovely Books

    Leading Little Ones to Lovely Books

    In a world with so much ugly to behold, I love to create a truly beautiful atmosphere to grow our children. I’ve found all I need to do to help the admiration of all that is lovely, is just to surround the children with lovely books, lovely conversation, lovely music and most of all, lovely…

  • 5 Ways to Develop Healthy Reading Habits

    5 Ways to Develop Healthy Reading Habits

    “One of the beautiful gifts reading give us, is the ability to focus our minds on one thing. We can put away all other thoughts, slow our fast-paced lives, and just relish the journey of turning page after page. From books, we can make new friends, be encouraged by inspirational true stories, gain more of…