Tag: Rejection

  • This Seat’s Saved

    This Seat’s Saved

    “It’s like there were two of me: the fox girl and the girl who wanted a seat at the popular table.” – Elita

  • Code Name Edelweiss

    Code Name Edelweiss

    “Code Name Edelweiss is based on a true story, unknown until recent years: How a lone Jewish lawyer and a handful of amateur spies discovered and foiled Adolf Hitler’s plan to take over Hollywood.”

  • Miles from Where We Started

    Miles from Where We Started

    Did God intend to answer her prayer and give her husband back to her, or answer her prayer and make her strong enough to find joy in singleness? Did she have the faith to believe life could be good – eventually – either way, that dawns would come and go whether she received the answer…

  • Finding my Confident Hope

    Finding my Confident Hope

    “Whether we have been sinned against or have sinned ourselves into misery, the Bible says God is not tightfisted with mercy but openhanded, not frugal but lavish, not poor but rich…It means on that day when we stand before him, quietly, unhurriedly, we will weep with relief, shocked at how impoverished a view of his…