Tag: Slavery

  • Ember Rising (Book #3)

    Ember Rising (Book #3)

    “I defy the darkness, will to it never bow, and to this resistance, add the old vow: My place beside you, my blood for yours, Till the Green Ember rises or the end of the world”

  • Where the Last Rose Blooms

    Where the Last Rose Blooms

    “From the broken ground, somehow those delicate, vibrant petals came anew, offering a fragrance that might catch on the breeze and carry down the street to where the bluebirds flew. And that rosebush carries with it a heritage, too – from the ground where the last rose blooms.” Clara Adelaide Abel

  • Carved in Ebony

    Carved in Ebony

    ‘Carved in Ebony’ is a beautiful collection of stories from the lives of Black women throughout history. Women who have stood firm in their faith and declared their worth, beauty, and inherent value as image-bearers of our great God. Despite living in a time when Black women were among one of the most oppressed people…