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The Best of Ourselves

Who do we give the best of ourselves too?

Do you often find yourself in a rut of being short, frustrated or irritated with your nearest and dearest? Our loved ones are often our “safe place” to unload all the day’s stresses, hurts, offences, disappointments, and frustrations. Why is it that we seem to have unlimited patience for those we work with, serve with at church or socialise with? We give away the best of ourselves to those outside our homes and leave an empty tank for the people that should matter the most to us.

Why don’t we instead take these daily frustrations to God? We may find that when we first take everything to God in prayer, that we do not actually need to off-load to those we love so fiercely and freely.


Here are some practical tips we can use everyday to help us love our families well;

– Think/pause before we speak.
– Respond with gentle answers.
– Avoid using harsh tones and careless words.
– Beware of body our language.
– Give our best to our families and loved ones instead of our “left overs”.
– Practise generosity towards our family (notes of encouragements, surprise gifts, do a chore for them so they can rest, tell them how special they are to you).
– Be quick to resolve conflict.
– Seek forgiveness and offer forgiveness.
– Practise active listening.
– Eat together and value quality time together.
– Pray for one another.
– Rest when you need to rest.

Finally, let’s ensure that there is ONE us. Let the ‘you’ that others see, be the same ‘you’ that your family sees. Let’s give the best of ourselves to those who hold that unique and special safe place in our hearts 🙏



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