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What We’re Leaving Behind

At my sister-in-laws wedding recently, they had the beautiful idea to include thoughtful comments on their guests name cards about the individual – some comments were funny and quirky, and some comments spoke into the legacy they believed that guest was imparting and would leave behind in the world.

When I read the comments on my card, I became overwhelmed with joyous emotions. She wrote;

“Renee Emerson, Mother of the year, Family zoo keeper, Changing the world one book at a time”

When I stopped to think of how I envisioned others would remember me – the legacy I desired to leave behind – this was it.

It made me pause to think about how special it is to be seen and known exactly as I am through Christ. The Lord’s transforming work in my life has been incredible and His goodness and blessings in my life shine for all to see.

There was a time in my life when, in my brokenness, the legacy I desired to leave behind would not have matched up with what I was actually living.

The legacy I hoped to leave behind in the world, would not have been what was written on my name card. In fact, what would have been written would have shown a broken and desperate mum who hadn’t let Jesus’ love into her heart to renew and transform her. It would have described the shell of an empty woman who knew God, but hadn’t let him properly into her heart . To put it simply, it would have described someone I did not like, and did not want to be. 

How grateful I am to the Lord, that he interfered and gave me a good vision for my life. He gave me new hope and aspirations for my motherhood journey, my career (from ex zookeeper to homeschooling mum!), and a passion for women’s ministry. Not only did he plant those dreams and desires, but through the power of His Holy Spirit, He generously imparted good gifts into my life so these dreams could become a reality, for His glory, my good and the good of those around me.

Friends, if you’re name card would display something different to what your heart desires your legacy to be, don’t give up hope. Instead give your life to Jesus, the one who has the power to transform your life, to align your dreams to His dreams, and to radically save you from your brokenness and lead you into everlasting life. 



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