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The Star That Always Stays

By Anna Rose Johnson

“It occurred to Norvia that the qualities that made up a heroine were inside them – not things that other people had control over… all these heroines were memorable because of their spirit and heart and inward beauty.”

– Anna Rose Johnson

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Book Summary


Fiction, Modern Classic, Coming-Of-Age


Friendship, Identity, Hope, Blended and Broken Families, Stories, Home and Belonging, Contentment, Womanhood, Faith, Beauty


10 – 17 years


Norvia is a fourteen-year-old girl determined to have the best year of her life, but there’s one problem, her whole world has fallen apart, and everything she’s ever known changes before her eyes. Being uprooted from her beloved Beaver Island, this would-be heroine discovers that no matter how much daydreaming is done, returning to the good old days is simply an impossibility.

Once the proud boaster of her Ojibwe heritage, she is now forced to hide her identity, and what’s worse, her wonderful Grand-père, story-teller extraordinaire, can no longer comfort her with his stories.

How is a girl of fourteen to become the heroine of her own story, when she no longer knows who she is?

Through laughter and tears, Norvia discovers what makes a true heroine great. She learns lessons in valuing the past – but looking towards the future. She learns to feel compassionate towards others and to embrace her unexpected and new life.   

“This tender coming-of-age story about an introspective and brilliant Native American heroine thoughtfully addresses assimilation, racism, and divorce, as well as everygirl problems like first crushes, making friends, and the joys and pains of a blended family.”

Content Warning:

Noriva is proud of her Ojibwe heritage but is told she must hide her this part of her identity at new home because people will judge her unkindly for it.

This story also explores the impact divorce had on women during the early 20th century, as well as the ups and downs of a blended family.

Other content warnings; illness, parental death, racism, a Halloween party, gossip within the church community, nasty school girls, gambling, brief mention of war (WWI).

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