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BTB Guiding Principles for a Life-Giving Book Club

These guiding principles for fellowship with one another help to create and protect healthy, life-giving and Christ-centered friendships within your book club:

  • What is shared in this group is confidential and will not be judged.
  • This group is a safe space to come for support, prayer and assistance.
  • We value one another’s trust.
  • We do not name call, swear or use inappropriate language (we use our honey words!).
  • We rejoice with our sisters and celebrate their victories as our own.
  • We mourn with our sisters, praying for them in their grief, suffering or trials.
  • We pray for one another regularly and fervently.
  • We share authentically but avoid negativity.
  • We love one another enough to gently and compassionately address sin.
  • We do not gossip.
  • We encourage one another in our sanctification.
  • We prioritise the Bible above all other books.
  • We assume the best of one another and forgive one another.
  • We admit when we’ve made mistakes and work through them together.
  • We acknowledge and value these guidelines and choose to follow them as healthy boundaries.

Our friendships will never perfect this side of eternity, but our Christian Book Clubs can be a safe space, a shining light in a dark world and an opportunity to glorify God.

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