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“If you are a person who loves books, you will love this page. If you are a person who is limited to time (like me) you can trust the books carefully chosen are like treasure that have been found and left on the table for you to enjoy and, who knows, it may spark something in you that starts with an invitation to others to enjoy the treasures found within this space.”


All of the books recommended by Blossoming through Books are prayerfully and carefully chosen to ensure only the best quality, Christ-centered and life-giving literature is suggested. Our BTB Book Club Kits are lovingly made for books which we have used in our own book clubs, and have been enjoyed and loved within the group.

Some of the things we consider while selecting a book are;

  • Is the book written by a Christian author? (We ONLY read books by Christian authors)
  • What kind of themes does the book explore?
  • Does the book have life-giving qualities?
  • Does the book have any inappropriate/offensive language, sex scenes or violence?
  • Does the book contain any heresy?
  • Does the book align with our values, beliefs and theology? If not, would there be any benefits of studying this book?

We do not shy away from books which explore controversial issues or doctrines, we simply use discernment to determine whether or not studying the book would be beneficial to our members.

We have a HUGE variety of books to choose from including;

  • Spiritual Growth (Prayer, Worship, Spirit-filled Living, Womanhood, Friendship/Relationship, Inspirational and more)
  • Fiction (Romance, Historical Fiction and Modern)
  • Biographies (Memoirs, Autobiographies and Missions)

If you would like some support and guidance on choosing the right book for your group please email and consider the following;

  • Does my Book Club contain new or mature Christians? Or both?
  • Does my Book Club want to focus on a particular genre or read a wide variety of genres? (for example fiction or spiritual growth)
  • Would any of the “Heads Up” (triggers and delicate topics) listed in the “Bookclub Kit” cause group members to disengage, have trauma triggered or become emotionally overwhelmed? (for example, it is not recommended to choose a book which has a theme of ‘Marriage Breakdown’ if you have a member of the group who’s recently divorced.)
  • Prayerfully ask the Spirit to direct your choices.
  • You may like to send your Book Club members to our website and suggest any books which interest them.

If you would like to suggest a book for Blossoming through Books to create a “Bookclub Kit” for, you can go to the main menu to ‘Books’ and drop down to ‘Suggest a Book’.


*The books recommended by Blossoming through Books do not necessarily represent our values and beliefs.

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