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As Christian women in leadership – lovingly guiding, teaching and mentoring other women – we have been blessed with influence. With the Holy Spirit leading us and continually transforming our lives, we must aspire to;

  • To be a Godly Woman; To live according to God’s Word, gaining all our inspiration and motivation from our love of Christ, love for others and ourselves – through the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit.
  • To be a Woman of Integrity; To have the deep desire to live a life worthy of leading others, to be authentic, honest, compassionate, and continually seeking to represent Christ to others.
  • To remain Teachable; To have a heart that is willing to learn new things – from the Holy Spirit and others which God has placed in our lives.
  • To be humble; To admit to others when we are struggling and seek help and advice where needed.
  • To be Mentored and be a Mentor; To follow God’s discipleship design for women.
  • To show Visible Fruit; To pursue transformation and the fruit of the spirit in our lives.
  • To have Faith and Hope; To role model a biblical response to hardship, trials and suffering with grace through the joy and peace of the Lord
  • To have an Attitude of Gratitude; To have a joyful, praise filled lovely heart – being cautious of negativity/pessimist attitudes developing in our sensitive hearts which can discourage ourselves and others. 
  • To be Ardent; To be passionately focused on achieving our God given dreams.
  • To be an Encourager and practise Servant Leadership; To be others-focused and enthusiastic about those we lead so we can see their lives transformed and healed. Ultimately helping to guide their ‘next steps’ journey with the Lord – measuring our success by how much value we add to others.
  • To Examine our Hearts; Through life’s ups and downs let us acknowledge seasons when we may need to step out, take a break, handover or move on to nurture our hearts and be obedient to the Lord. 
  • To regularly Assess our Leadership; To ask ourselves ‘Do those I serve become healthier, wiser, freer, more others focused, disciple others, experience breakthrough and show the fruits of the Spirit?’ (John Maxwell).
  • Further Reading; John C Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You 2.0, Nashville Tennessee, HarperCollins, 2018, 237p.

If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly


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