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Blossoming through Books is a women’s ministry designed to help you discover the heart of a successful Book Club.

A few years ago, God planted a small seed of a dream in my heart – a dream to start a women’s book club. But not just your average book club, a book club specifically for Christian women to connect deeper with God, to love and be loved, to grow, to heal, to flourish, and to be transformed by the presence of Jesus. A club where healthy relationships thrived and left no space for drama, negativity, and gossip. A club where women were so immersed in good books, loving God and others, that they blossomed into who God had created them to be.

Blossoming through Books is the fruit of that tiny seed planted years ago; a new and bigger dream to equip women to step out in faith and lead their own book club within their spheres of influence.  The goal is to encourage and support women who have a heart for ministering to other women. To support those who wish to lovingly lead their sisters-in-Christ through cultivating and maintaining beautiful atmospheres of friendship and learning. As well as providing resources on how to dissect a great piece of literature – whether it be a spiritual growth, fiction, or biography – and lead a life transforming book discussion with their group.


Our vision is to see women raised up and encouraged as leaders to facilitate their own BTB book clubs; forming communities of like-minded Christian women who are so immersed in good books and loving God that healthy relationships are given room to thrive, leaving no place for gossip, drama, and negativity. 


Through the provision of book club and leader resources, women will be empowered to create and cultivate life-giving, Christ-centred book clubs and small groups, where their members can flourish, encourage each other, journey together, pray for one another and passionately pursue who God designed them to be.


When I was starting up my own book club, I realised there was not a lot of resources available to help Christian women find the right, great life-giving and Christ-centred books – let alone to facilitate a great book discussion. My hearts deep desire is to behold women blossoming through tender and intentional relationships with one another and God, and to equip women to cultivate atmosphere’s where this can happen.

Connecting with other women shouldn’t feel overwhelming and delving into a good book among friends is a wonderful journey to take.

To equip future leaders for the successful facilitation of book clubs and women’s group, Blossoming through Books will;

  • Provide “Book Club Kit” resources.
  • Provide recommended book lists; including book reviews.
  • Provide support and guidance for leaders in areas such as teaching, pastoral care, mentoring, creating life-giving atmospheres, maintaining healthy Christ-centered friendships and mourning alongside others.
  • Provide resources for dealing with difficult situations such as avoiding drama, gossip, and negativity.
  • Provide resources for how to maintain a healthy ministry and life balance.

Our Prayer for your new Book Club

“Let every breath that we breathe, be an opportunity to extend grace and love towards one another, just as our Heavenly Father so exuberantly pours his love into our hearts. Let our book clubs and women’s ministries radiate heaven in such a tangible way, so that each woman we lead, blossoms through the journey. Amen” 

As a result of your ministry, they will give glory to God. For your generosity to them and to all believers will prove that you are obedient to the Good News of Christ. And they will pray for you with deep affection because of the overflowing grace God has given to you…


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