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Ember’s End (Book #4)

By S. D. Smith

“I will fight beside you… I will fly beside you… I will die beside you!”   

– Picket Longtreader

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Book Summary


Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Series


Sacrifice, Restoration, Redemption, Hope, Healing, and Good vs. Evil


8 -12 years


After the dramatic battle for First Warren is won, the Natalia rabbits are preparing for the final battle. This battle will lead to the triumph conclusion and fulfillment of the Mended Wood, or if the rabbits fail, desolation, destruction, and death by succumbing to the Prey Lords’ wicked rule. These courageous rabbits are surrounded by enemies. At every turn there are wolves, Prey Lords, and traitor rabbits; but as we follow the perspectives of Picket and Jo Shanks, we discover just how much courage these rabbits possess.

Simultaneously, on Forbidden Mountain Heather and Smalls have encountered the Dragons. With so many questions, and an uncertainty over whether or not these vicious-looking creatures can be trusted, Heather and Smalls must choose between saving Rabbitkind or their love and a future together. 

This is a story about vision, a brighter future, survival, and sacrifice. In this stunning, heart-wrenching,  and battle-ready conclusion of this brilliant series, the rabbit friends we’ve made give their all for the Mended Wood; they lay down their lives for one another, fight fiercely, and never give up.

Content Warning:

The wolves, dragons, and lords of prey (eagles) are cruel and vicious and may scare young or sensitive readers. Being a story about the battle between good and evil, there is age-appropriate violence and talk about war, as well as loss, suffering, grief, torture, and death.

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