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  • Not A Tame Lion

    Not A Tame Lion

    “The legacy Lewis left behind is a rich one indeed – a long list of books, which not only show evidence of a firm commitment to orthodoxy, but also a scintillating wit, a logical mind, and an ever-fresh imagination. He was a man who surrendered to God, was in love with life, and was ready…

  • Ember’s End (Book #4)

    Ember’s End (Book #4)

    This is a story about vision, a brighter future, survival and sacrifice. In this stunning, heart-wrenching, and battle-ready conclusion of this brilliant series, the rabbit friends we’ve made give their all for the Mended Wood; they lay down their lives for one another, fight fiercely, and never give up.

  • Little House in the Big Woods

    Little House in the Big Woods

    Deep in the Wisconsin woods in 1870 lives little Laura Ingalls with her sisters Mary and Carrie, parents Pa and Ma, and faithful dog Jack.

  • The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water

    The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water

    “The best fiction simply tells the truth. But the truth is never that simple.”