Tag: Historical Fiction

  • Chasing Shadows

    Chasing Shadows

    “Every one of us is in danger as long as the Nazis remain in power. The only truly safe place to be is in God’s hands”.

  • The Wings of Poppy Pendleton

    The Wings of Poppy Pendleton

    “Flames whip in fury, royal embers caged in brass. Soaring, searching, wondering, beating against the glass. Secrets, she whispers in the storm. Secrets, she boldly sings. But no one hears her voice, they only see her wings.”

  • My Dearest Dietrich

    My Dearest Dietrich

    “Based on detailed historical research into both Maria’s and Dietrich’s lives, this true love story is at once beautiful and heartrending.”

  • Where the Last Rose Blooms

    Where the Last Rose Blooms

    “From the broken ground, somehow those delicate, vibrant petals came anew, offering a fragrance that might catch on the breeze and carry down the street to where the bluebirds flew. And that rosebush carries with it a heritage, too – from the ground where the last rose blooms.” Clara Adelaide Abel