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Embers in the London Sky

By Sarah Sundin

“Who gets to decide what is worthy of news? The reporter? The editor? The paper or radio network? The government? Or the public? And if we agree it’s the public, who speaks for the public?”

– Louisa Jones

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About the Book…
Aleida Martins is caught up in the major exodus of France in 1940, as she flees from the Netherlands to England with her son Theo. While most are escaping the German occupation, Aleida is desperately seeking refuge from her abusive and cruel husband, Bas. Amid the chaos, she is separated from Theo and her husband’s pride becomes his downfall. Aleida enters London a widow and a mother of a missing child, but her mothers heart will not let Theo go without a fight.

Hugh Collingwood is a BBC radio correspondant bringing truth-filled and courageous stories of hope to the English and allied countries. Hugh struggles to walk the delicate line between truth and censorship, and while his heart desperately desires to do something that matters, his asthma and parents displeasure over his career decisions hold him back.

As Aleida and Hugh’s lives collide, they begin to work together to find Theo and investigate a string of murders which, because pf prejudice and censorship, are being overlooked. As bombs rein down in London, Hugh and Aleida must learn to surrender their loved ones, health, hopes and dreams to the God who holds all the chaos in His tender and intentional hands.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery
CW: War violence, murder, prejudice, domestic violence
My Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What I Loved…
If you’re going to read any WWII book in 2024, let it be this one. While the London Blitz is the backdrop of the story, the main themes of censorship and the murder mystery plot make it like no other in this genre!

This book is for you…
If you love problem solving plots, well developed and interesting characters, dual perspectives and London 1940s

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