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  • Memorizing Scripture

    Memorizing Scripture

    In Memorizing Scripture, Glenna Marshall shows us that to love God with our hearts, we must first love him with our minds.

  • The Fathers Arms

    The Fathers Arms

    For a little child, the comfort of her fathers arms provides security, love and acceptance. Many people believe there’s more than one path to heaven, but I plead with you – come back to your Father God, the one who created you, treasures you and welcomes you into His arms. Jesus said “I am the…

  • When We Were Young

    When We Were Young

    “A love like ours is worth fighting for… I’d be crazy to walk away from you and me without at least trying.” – Emily Carter

  • Gentle and Lowly

    Gentle and Lowly

    “Gentle and lowly. This, according to his own testimony, is Christ’s very heart. This is who he is. Tender. Open. Welcoming. Accommodating. Understanding. Willing.” – Dane Ortlund

  • Forgotten God

    Forgotten God

    “From my perspective, the Holy Spirit is tragically neglected and, for all practical purposes, forgotten.” – Francis Chan

  • We Live in an R Rated World

    We Live in an R Rated World

    Sister, there is so much beauty to behold and there is so much goodness to fix your eyes on. – Renee Emerson

  • Seasons


    As each season ends a new begins. Some seasons last a long time, while others may be sweet and short. Each season is crucial and unavoidable for our personal growth and relationship building with the Lord. – Renee Emerson