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Memorizing Scripture

By Glenna Marshall

“When the words of the Lord live in your heart, they change your heart. How do we let them dwell in our hearts richly? By feasting on them regularly, thinking on them, reciting them— mumbling them over and over to ourselves.”

– Glenna Marshall

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Book Summary

In Memorizing Scripture, Glenna Marshall shows us that to love God with our hearts, we must first love him with our minds. While many of us might find the idea of scripture memorization daunting, Glenna gently encourages us to begin to meditate on God’s word. God has chosen to reveal himself to us through Scripture, and as we memorize God’s Word, our daily faith, discernment, courage to share Christ, hope during trials, and ability to fight sin, will grow.

This book is full to the brim and overflowing with the hope we have in Christ and the truth that God’s Word helps us to overcome sin and find the strength and wisdom we need to keep running our race well. There are many practical memorization tips, anecdotal stories, and resources to help readers on their memorization journeys.

As we begin to keep God’s Word in our hearts, the things of this world will fade and we’ll learn to love and treasure God more and more, and through all circumstances.

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