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You Are A Tree

By Joy Marie Clarkson

“This book invites you to pay attention – to your experiences, and to the words you use to describe them. That attention reveals a richly layered and meaningful world, a refreshing perspective that nurtures wonder, gratitude, and hope.”

– Joy Marie Clarkson

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About the Book…

📚Books are (not) Friends 📚

Book girls everywhere KNOW that books are friends. We all have those profoundly meaningful encounters with books; a book that we read at the perfect time, the book that helped us feel seen, the book that broke our hearts with tragic and beautiful storytelling, the book that had a main character who inspired us and became a fast friend, and the books that stay with us always – the ones we’ll keep close to our hearts and cherish – and will forevermore being telling everyone to read.

You Are A Tree: and other metaphors to nourish life, thought, and prayer by @joynessthebrave , is one of these books. It arrived in my life at the perfect time, I’ve felt seen, and Joy’s gorgeous storytelling and writing style is poetic and it feels like sitting and listening to a friend as you read. I will also be telling everyone to read this book – forevermore!

And while my bookish heart considers this book my newest bestie… Books are not actually friends 😂

So, why do we use metaphors? Why are metaphors important? If books are not literally our friends, why do we use language to describe them as such?

Joy’s book explains why, and in the most fascinating and delightful way, she unpacks the whimsical and important use of metaphors in today’s world.

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