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Not A Tame Lion

By Terry Glaspey

“By his words and his life, Lewis demonstrated the power of a life touched by a deep intellectual commitment to the truth of the gospel, and of an imagination energised by the glory of the Christian vision of reality.”

– Terry Glaspey

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“The legacy Lewis left behind is a rich one indeed – a long list of books, which not only show evidence of a firm commitment to orthodoxy, but also a scintillating wit, a logical mind, and an ever-fresh imagination. He was a man who surrendered to God, was in love with life, and was ready to share all that he could with others. His was a wonderful example of the Christian life lived with fullness and passion”.

This book is such a friendly invitation into the brilliant mind and life of C. S. Lewis. It is split into two parts: His Life and His Thought. This works very well and creates such an interesting and thought-provoking flow, and I loved the bite-size chapters which made it so easy to pick up and put down.

Part One, His Life: Jack’s life-altering and profound moments often collide with some form of book. From the rejection of his family’s faith as a young man to the reigniting of a desire for faith to battling with grief at the death of his beloved Joy, his life’s timeline can almost be told, through a booklist of stories – whether his own or something which moved him.

Part Two,  His Thought: This is a brief and insightful summary of Lewis’ ideas and orthodoxy.    

Content warning:

Death, grief, and suffering.

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