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The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water

By Erin Bartels

“The best fiction simply tells the truth. But the truth is never that simple.”

– Erin Bartels

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Book Review

Kendra Brennan is an aspiring author who finds herself plagued with writer’s block. She returns to her belated Grandfather’s summer home on Hidden Lake, hoping to reclaim her voice and break the chains holding her back from writing her second novel. But what she discovers upon her return is much more confronting than a simple inability to write. As Kendra rediscovers memories from her murky past, she must face not only her truth but the stories of others too.

During her visit, many deep dark secrets lost in the tide of time begin to wash up. Kendra finds the courage to confront the boy who stole her innocence, and with the help of an unlikely friend, she begins to forge a path forward. Will Kendra learn to forgive her antagonist and herself before setting on the journey of self-healing?

This book, both elegantly written and deeply emotional, is sprinkled with beautiful poetic prose. Kendra, the protagonist, switches from first person to speaking directly to her estranged childhood friend, Cami, giving the reader a feeling of personal connection and reflective nostalgia. Bartel guides her reader on the path from reconciliation to forgiveness and recovery. Through the thoughts and actions of Kendra, we are shown that we are all capable and worthy of love. The message in this book highlights the importance of honesty, hope and forgiveness – a true testament to God’s love.

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Bec is a devoted wife and mother to three beautiful children. She has dedicated her life to teaching little learners in Primary school and is a kind, compassionate and loving friend.

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