Tag: War

  • The Warsaw Sisters

    The Warsaw Sisters

    “No matter what we are asked to bear on earth, our days are in the hands of God.” – Amanda Barratt

  • The Return of The King

    The Return of The King

    This story is about redemption and friendship. The King returns to redeem and restore goodness and virtue over the land, while friendship is the solid foundation on which all hard things are achieved, and clinging to the smallest amount of hope is enough to keep going with the burdensome task of destroying the One-Ring

  • The Hiding Place

    The Hiding Place

    “For I, too, had a hiding place when things were bad. Jesus was this place.”

  • In This Moment

    In This Moment

    “In moments like this, I had to turn my prayers heavenward, hoping God was listening, as I asked Him to guide my steps when I wasn’t sure which way to go.” – Margaret Clarke

  • A Place to Hang the Moon

    A Place to Hang the Moon

    This story is about the comfort and hope found in a book, family, perseverance, and, most importantly, finding a place to belong.

  • The Sound of Light

    The Sound of Light

    This story is about “ordinary people responding to extraordinary circumstances with faith, fortitude, and hope for a brighter future.”

  • A Castaway in Cornwall

    A Castaway in Cornwall

    On a stormy night, when ship washes ashore, a sole survivor is found by Laura and nursed back to health. Although kind, quiet and handsome, Laura knows her patient is hiding something. Who is this man, and what was he really doing aboard the ship?

  • We Hope For Better Things

    We Hope For Better Things

    We hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes – Detroit City Motto