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In This Moment

By Gabrielle Meyer

“In moments like this, I had to turn my prayers heavenward, hoping God was listening, as I asked Him to guide my steps when I wasn’t sure which way to go.”

– Margaret Clarke, In This Moment

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Book Review

Margaret is a time-crosser; a unique gift given by God, the Author of life. She bears a sunburst birthmark over her heart, inherited from her mother, which sends her into the future, and a birthmark on the back of her neck, inherited from her father, which sends her into the past. She lives three lives in 1861, 1941 and 2001. She is one person, one conscious mind, set in identical bodies. Her conscious mind travels back and forth, accumulating experiences from each path to create one unique person.

At 20 years old, she is nearing her 21st birthday when she will be required to choose which path to continue in for the rest of her life; she cannot continue on all three paths. Whichever life she chooses, she forfeits the other timelines where her body dies.

Set during these three monumental and devastating periods of history, the events woven throughout are fascinating, and Gabrielle brings these periods to life in a fresh and exciting way. It was such a joy to explore these pivotal periods of the past, no longer simply dates and facts from a textbook, but gut-wrenching, hope-filled and inspiring milestone moments of change.

“In This Moment” is historical fiction at its absolute best! It is a fast-paced, time-travelling, split-time novel that doesn’t fit easily in a genre box, but for the best reasons. It is singular in story-telling and plot while also taking a hope-filled approach to themes such as womanhood, equality, healing and God’s sovereignty.

This book is #2 in the Timeless Series, but could be read as a stand alone novel. To download our free BTB Book Club Kit for Book 1, “When the Day Comes”, head over to Book 1 here.

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