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The Peasant King

By Tessa Afshar

“Asher, as long as God is the one who controls the pounding you are safe, because it is not the mallet that shapes you. It is the hand behind it. The mallet Astyages wielded against your life can be used by God for good. And I think it already has been. When I see you, I see strength. Resilience.”

– Jemmah

Book Review

Set in the ancient world of the Persian Empire and told from the perspective of three characters; Jemmah (daughter to the Persian king’s famous senior scribe), Asher (son of a Median king), and Cyrus (the Persian king), this masterful story follows an unlikely heroine’s journey and involvement in the incredible fate of Persia, which was nothing short of miraculous!

Persia’s victory over Media – and the many miracles that must happened along the way for such an event to come to pass – is the focus of this fictitious retelling of true historical events.

Genre: Romance, Biblical Fiction

Publisher: @tyndalehouse

Themes: God’s Sovereignty, Fear, Healing, Sacrificial Love, Bitterness and Revenge, Trust, Belonging

My Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

👑 What I Loved…

While this book can be read as a stand-alone story, for those who have read ‘The Hidden Prince’, it’s absolutely wonderful to revisit beloved fictional characters Jared and Keren, as well biblical characters Cyrus, King of Persia, and Daniel from Babylon.

This story is such an intricate weaving together of fact and fiction from this fascinating time period. It’s a captivating story that’s imaginative but not too unrealistic, and most importantly, focuses on God’s sovereignty and faithfulness to maintain His promises.

📚This Book is for you if…

You love biblical fiction! It’s an exquisite mash-up of storytelling, romance, drama, and adventure!

content warning

Mild violence (attempted murder, held at knife-point, war violence, and torture), abduction, graphic description of a dead body (young girl), claustrophobia and severe panic attacks, child born out of wedlock.

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