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The Warsaw Sisters

By Amanda Barratt

“No matter what we are asked to bear on earth, our days are in the hands of God.”

– Amanda Barratt


It’s a sunny August morning in Poland in 1939, and twin sisters Antonina and Helena have said their final goodbyes to their father, who has been called to defend Warsaw against the threat of the German army. Within hours of their distressing goodbye, German bombs begin to rain down on their beloved city.

For the next five years, these two sisters, who were once inseparable, must fight against the brutality of their world, and their numb and damaged hearts, if they are to hold on to hope and find a way back to one another.

Taking two very different paths, these fictional sisters represent the very real courage, resilience, and sacrifice that many ordinary citizens of Poland displayed while mercilessly hunted, tortured, and dehumanized by the Nazis for an unimaginable five long years.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Release Date: Nov 7th 2023
Publisher: @revellfiction
Themes: Sacrifice, Resilience, and Courage
CW: Descriptive War Violence/Brutality
My Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

🌷What I loved about this book
This was a read with a lump-in-your-throat experience for me. I was left utterly undone by the atrocities the Polish people faced and had no idea the extent of cruelty and wickedness that was endured for five unimaginably long years. Amanda unapologetically exposes the darkness in a much-needed way, and although this book is a heavy, descriptive, tear-filled experience, it’s a journey any historical fiction lover should take. If I could capture the essence of this story in one powerful phrase it would be, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

✨This Book is for you If…
You are willing to SEE and FEEL. This book is a journey through the pain and suffering of others, allowing us a glimpse into another world. Some scenes are almost too painful to bear, but the courage, determination, and resilience represented throughout these pages will compel you to keep reading – and you’ll be so glad you did.

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