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A Castaway in Cornwall

By Julie Klassen

“Sometimes I wonder how I ended up here in Cornwall, so far from my childhood home. I feel like a castaway, set adrift on the tide by the long-ago deaths of my parents, and left wanting answers.”

– Laura Callaway

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Book Review

Set on the rugged coast of Cornwall in 1812, known for infamous smugglers, shipwrecks, and suspicious locals, Laura Callaway longs for answers. Why did her parents leave her? Will she ever find a home – a place to truly belong? Has her life been lovingly planned by a sovereign God, or is she like the unclaimed shipwrecked treasures she finds along the windswept coast, set adrift on the tides, washing up wherever the waters take her?

On a stormy night, when another ship washes ashore, a sole survivor is found by Laura and nursed back to health. Although kind, quiet and handsome, Laura knows her patient is hiding something. Who is this man, and what was he doing aboard the ship? Which side of the war is he on, the British or the French?   

With known smugglers in the area and suspicions high, Laura must decide if she will help this mysterious man.

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