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Urchin and the Raven War: The Mistmantle Chronicles, Book 4

By M. I. McAllister

“There was a teaching he had learned from childhood – The Heart that gave us the mists broke with love for Mistmantle, but it still beats.”

– King Crispin

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Book Summary


Fantasy Fiction, Series


Good vs. Evil, Growing Up, Leadership, Loyalty, Duty, Bravery


8 -12 years


During a time of peace on Mistmantle Island the talking otters, squirrels, and moles are rejoicing in normality, living faithfully to the Heart, and preparing for dearest Brother Fir’s passing as age overcomes him.

Unexpectedly, Lord Arcneck and other inhabitants of Swan Isle descend in desperation on Mistmantle, pleading for help against the bloodthirsty ravens who have ravaged everything in sight. King Crispin agrees to come to their aid, but it comes with a great cost – the brave Mistmantle heroes will now incur the wrath of the vengeful and terrible invaders. With a war cry of “kill and devour”, the ravens are intent on destroying everything good, true, and beautiful, and will force our favourite heroes, Urchin, Juniper and King Crispin, to make some of the hardest decisions they’ve had to face yet.

With the help of some new and unlikely heroes, the Mistmantle animals will fight with everything they have, knowing that when they’ve reached the end of themselves, the Heart will fight for them.

This is an adventurous coming-of-age story where beloved Mistmantle heroes solidify a place in our hearts through their courage and sacrifice amid extreme evil and hardship. But it’s also a tale of birth, the longing for glory, and the importance of duty; where new heroes rise up, learn to follow the path the heart has laid out for them, and learn an important lesson of what a life of glorious adventure truly requires of us.

Content Warning:

The Ravens are cruel and vicious and may scare young or sensitive readers. Being a story about the battle between good and evil, there is age-appropriate violence and talk about war, as well as loss, suffering, grief, torture, and death.

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