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The Lost Melody

By Joanna Davidson Politano

“Music opens up what we once believed lost. It penetrates, influences, and restores like nothing in a bottle can. Lost memories resurface, peace invades pain…”

– Frederick Harford

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The Lost Melody is a mystery-filled, haunting, and poetic historical fiction tale that delves deeply into the healing wonder of music.

Vivienne Mourdant is a concert pianist who, after the death of her father, is disarmed by increasingly vivid and unexplainable dreams of unknown melodies and an ethereal woman.

When Vivienne encounters a stranger at a performance who encourages her to shine a light in dark places, her dreams and future plans are upended as a cascade of events finds her ensnared at Hurstwell Lunatic Asylum.

Confined within the walls of Hurstwell, Vivienne hunts for answers to the questions that consume her. Who is this ethereal woman? Where does this lost melody play from, and why is she the only one who can hear it? Will those people she’s loved since childhood come to her rescue? Is she truly sane? Is there light to be found in the darkest of places?

As she uncovers shocking truths about the asylum and the lost melody that haunts her, Vivienne discovers a light that the darkness cannot extinguish and a steadfast hope to cling to no matter her circumstances.

This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys lyrical and spell-binding fiction that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This book will simultaneously break your heart with the stories of tragic suffering, but fill you with hope and light as the beautiful melodies rise in triumphant victory.

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