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How to Plot a Payback

By Melissa Ferguson

“This job is perfect…absolutely everything I ever wanted. Except for her. Because I hate – no, it’s not a strong enough word- I absolutely loathe Lavender Rhodes.”

– Finn


📚 About the Book…
Finn has always dreamed of working in Hollywood, and when the perfect screenwriting job is offered to him, he snatches is up. The only problem is that Lavender Rhodes, his nemesis and the person responsible for all of his failed dreams, is the leading lady of the show. Finn decides he’ll get her back. But he’s not a villain – so it won’t be revenge – just… justice and a chance to set all things right.

Major Themes: Revenge, Forgiveness, Community, Good Samaritan/Acts of Service, Perspective, Dreams

🌷What I Loved…
My favourite part of this book is the Hollywood setting and the hilarity of Finn and Lavender’s unexpected collisions, which almost always result poorly for Finn. While this book is mostly lighthearted and full of laugh-out-loud moments, I enjoyed the way Melissa transforms Finn from a revengeful victim to someone who changes his attitudes and perspectives; ultimately making more selfless and hope-filled decisions for his future.

☀️This Book is for you If…
You love the sunshine/grumpy rom-com trope, sitcoms, crazy cat ladies, aggressively loyal besties, perspective change, community vibes, and need a good laugh!

Content warning

Discussions about how to plot a murder during a tv sitcom script-writing session.

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