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The Sisters of Sea View

Julie Klassen

“On the south coast of Devonshire, there lived four sisters. Sisters who never stopped thinking about, and longing for, the fifth, lost to them, but God willing, not forever….”

– Julie Klassen

The genteel Summers sisters, Sarah, Emily, Viola and Georgiana, have recently relocated to a holiday home at Sea View permanently, after the death of their father leaves them in a difficult financial position.

With Mrs Summers bedridden and in poor health, the oldest sister, Sarah, must find a solution quickly. The sisters are determined to remain together, and decide to utilize their Sea View home as a guest house, offering lodging, as a source of income.

Not being used to common work, the sisters struggle, argue, grow and blossom together as they learn to thrive where they are planted.

As Sea View slowly fills with delightfully quirky and loveable characters, the sisters form friendships, meet eligible gentlemen, and learn to serve others within their new community.

My favourite part of this book was the dynamics and relationships between the sisters, as well as their unique personalities. I adored each of the oldest three sisters who were incredibly well-written and relatable, and I’m hoping book two will develop the youngest sister, Georgiana, further.

The Elton’s from Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ made an appearance, and offered some laugh-out-loud eye roll moments!

If you’re a historical romance fiction fan, don’t miss this one! “Join the Summers sisters on the Devonshire coast, where they discover the power of friendship, loyalty, love, and new beginnings.”

Described in one word, this book is wholesome. And as @busymomreads mentioned in her review, it definitely has some Little Women vibes about it ❤️

I simply cannot wait for Book #2 of the ‘On the Devonshire Shores’ series 📚

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