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A Quilt for Christmas

Melody Carlson

“In the same way this quilt is comprised of different shapes and colours, we four women were different too. We sometimes had our differences, but God has miraculously stitched us together in love.”

– Vera Swanson

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Book Review

The seed of an idea growing in the heart of a reluctant receiver – even one who believes they’ve got nothing to give – can change the lives of many!

Reading this novella, a few scriptures came to mind. Firstly, God loves a cheerful giver; secondly, He sets the lonely in families. What else could a perfect feel-good Christmas story contain!?

This book captures an aspect of the true and beautiful spirit of generosity that our God lavishly poured out to us at Christmastime, His one and only Son, given so that we shall live.

Yet, despite the subtle undertones of God’s gracious loving-kindness flowing throughout the entire story, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a book for Christians only – the delicate way Melody weaves faith, generosity, and transformation throughout makes it a delightful story for all to enjoy. In fact, especially for those who lack fellowship, who could grow in their generosity or do not yet believe in the transformative power of hope and a relationship with Jesus.   

“Vera knew a patchwork quilt wouldn’t be the answer to the family’s problems, but what if she could make Mrs Albright a quilt by Christmas?” In a sense, the patchwork quilt does hold the answer to all the family’s problems because it doesn’t matter that things may seem humanly impossible; with God, all things are possible.

This book is a beautiful, warm, heartfelt Christmas story with rich characters and a feel-good plot that will bless you this Christmas!

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