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Beholding and Becoming

By Ruth Chou Simons

“We look for dramatic ways to experience God, but His presence and transforming work in our lives happens minute by minute.”

– Ruth Chou Simons

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Book Review

“A lifetime is made up of thousands of ordinary moments in thousands of ordinary days”. As we go through the motions of the daily grind, often dragging our feet to get through the mundane – with our eyes focused on the next big experience, the future, or how different things could be – we often miss the sweetness, the joy, and the faithfulness of God in the little details of our messy and imperfect lives.

In Ruth Chou Simons book, Beholding and Becoming; The Art of Everyday Worship, Ruth reminds us that “We become what we behold.” What if, instead of focusing on the next big thing or what we do not have, we learned to love what is assigned to us right now? How might our hearts be transformed if we learnt to settle our restlessness and do the next thing in our day – no matter how seemingly insignificant – with hearts full of trust, praise, obedience, and joy in the Lord, for who He is, what He has done – and is yet to do.

Ruth gently asks us; are we, in the daily and mundane, beholding the goodness of the Lord and becoming who Christ intended for us to be? Or are we misplacing our gaze, our hearts, our works, our thoughts, our time? We cannot be conformed to the likeness of Christ if we do not abide in Him, and abiding in Him is to actively pursue and persevere in the faith, running our own unique race well, with a worshipping heart posture. We were all created to worship, and it is in our very nature as created beings. We can worship treasures, relationships, careers, and people, or we can worship how God intended us to; in every day, every moment, every second, with our hearts and minds set on Christ. No circumstance is too ordinary or mundane that you cannot meet the Lord there in worship.

Beholding and Becoming is a splendid book to behold. Ruth’s poetic and truth-filled words will guide you lovingly, and the sublime beauty of the pages will fill you with awe and inspiration.

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