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Clouds: A Memoir

By Laura Sobiech

“This story is about a boy who found himself tested by pain and loss. It’s about a boy who learned to live while dying and in doing so brought hope to countless people who desperately needed it. But most of all, it is a story about a boy who showed his family, his friends, and eventually the world that everyone can choose to fly a little higher.”

– Laura Sobiech

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Book Review

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare, the unimaginable diagnosis of a terminally sick child – yet in our broken world, it happens more often than we realise. Zach’s story of battling with a terminal disease as a teen is heartbreakingly becoming more common. Yet, it’s the profound way in which he embraced his cross to bear, shone the light and hope of Jesus, and learned to live while dying, which makes his story so incredible, unique, and worth reading about. For a young man, he had faith and wisdom beyond his years. His short life impacted so many around him.

Despite his pain and knowing his time on earth was limited, Zach passionately committed himself to use his God-given talents. He made sure he didn’t bury his giftings under his grief and diagnosis and showed others that it is possible to fully live while dying. Zach’s number 1 hit song on iTunes not only shined Jesus light and hope across the world but also raised much-needed funds to help with critical research and funding for the prevention of childhood cancers. Zach’s story will make you laugh and cry. It will help you to celebrate God’s goodness through absolute tragedy and importantly encourage you to assess your life, your God-given calling, and how you might live to be fully in the moment, cherishing every day as the gift it is.

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