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Faithfully Present

By Adam Ramsey

“Every one of us wants… to be faithfully present and fully alive to God, right here and right now, with every part of our lives.”

– Adam Ramsey

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Book Review

“How do we live faithfully when life keeps changing? When life moves slowly? When life is coming at us fast? When life comes to an end?” (p18).

These are just some of the questions Adam endeavours to answer in his new book, “Faithfully Present.” By learning to live where we are – the life given to us, not planned by us – we find freedom. As we embrace the declaration, “I am not God”, we can think more deeply and biblically about the genuine limitations of time and place which mark us as creatures and not the creator!

Adam directs us to move forward in life while staying faithfully and fully present, right where we are. The book is sectioned into two parts:

Part One: Time

  • Time is a precious commodity that is limited to us all.
  • There are two types of time: Chronos and Kairos.
  • Time flows through seasons of change and stability.
  • Time can seem to pause during seasons of waiting, can rush by us in a hurry, or provide rest.
  • Time can be in the past (memory), or in the future (our imminent death).

Part Two: Place

  • We inhabit earthly places with our human bodies.
  • We have relational spaces with others.
  • Our hope is in our eternal resting place – Heaven.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is:

“You are not that big a deal, and you are going to die soon.” (p24)

Of course, this quote is meant to shock us (and Adam follows it up with appropriate context and encouragement in regards to our value as image bearers of God), but I truly enjoyed his gentle sarcasm and unique Australian humour all throughout the book.

This one gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks The Good Book Company UK for this one in exchange for an honest review ✍️

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