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Growing in Gratitude

By Mary K Mohler

“If every good thing he has given were to vanish, we would still be safe in Christ – and our basis for gracious gratitude would have no reason to be changed at all.”

–Mary K Mohler

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Book Review

Gratitude. A ‘buzz’ word popping up everywhere we look in popular culture these days, and even as Christians, we have access to countless devotionals on how to live more grateful lives. This is a good thing, right? That the world desires to live more gratefully and be more thankful? Yet something is missing from this worldly gratitude trend, and as Christians, we can sense it. Is the gratitude of simply counting our blessings enough? Is the gratitude we practise centred around our own happiness as individuals? After all, those who exercise daily gratitude are happier and healthier individuals, so why wouldn’t we all practise the habit of gratitude, knowing it can benefit us in so many ways? But Is this enough as Christians? Or is true gratitude deeper than this?

In Mary K. Mohler’s book, Growing in Gratitude, we are given a candid and profound theological preface into what it looks like biblically to grow in gratitude. We learn how Christian gratitude differs from worldly gratitude, and importantly, how to navigate our hearts towards gratitude when difficult seasons of life taint our ability to feel profoundly grateful. Do we need to thank God for our suffering, or are there ways to thank God through the suffering? What does this look like in real life? Although this may be a difficult issue to fully comprehend, one which we may never totally understand this side of eternity, this book may help us to see a different perspective or even find a way to praise God when it hurts.

While reading this book, my heart could not help but praise and thank God. Mary so lovingly and compassionately journeys with us as we seek to be truly grateful to our wonderful God – to who we owe everything. Read this book, lend an ear to Mary’s grateful heart – and in the process, grow in deep gratitude yourself. 

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