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Help for the Hungry Soul

By Kristen Wetherell

“From the garden throughout the generations, God’s word has told us the tale of the human soul: our wholehearted hunger for the creator, our terrible plunge into starvation, and our countless attempts to fix and fill ourselves with anything but true bread.”

– Kristin Wetherell

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Book Review

Kristin presents a very thorough, thoughtful, and encouraging case for how the Word of God satisfies our hungry souls.

So often we consume the wrong kind of “food” in our never-satisfying quest to fill the void, but Kristin reminds us that as we come to Christ’s table, we will find the fulfilment we crave.

Our heart’s deep desire to grow in relationship with God, with others, and to see fruitfulness in our lives, is remedied as our appetite for His soul food grows and we invest our time and faith into this endeavour.

Through her easy-to-understand and relatable eight encouragements, Kristen squashes legalism, fights back against distraction, gives hope to the time-poor new mum desperate for a peaceful moment, adjusts our apathy towards the familiar book, unveils the most important feast of scripture (and it not that elusive quiet time!), as well as provides us with creative solutions to engage with the Word in new and practical ways.

This book is for you if:

🍑 You’re weary in Bible reading

🍑 You’ve become too familiar or apathetic towards God’s Word

🍑 You’ve given up because the elusive quiet time seems impossible

🍑 You don’t see the significance of feasting on the Word in community

🍑 You want to fall in love afresh with your Bible

🍑 You need something hope-filled and encouraging to read

My favourite chapter was “Feast with Your Church”. This chapter contained the one big idea that I took from this book, and has significantly altered my views of communal feasting on the Word 🙌

My Rating: 4/5 wholesome soul-meals 🍑 🍑 🍑 🍑

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