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Jewel of the Nile

By Tessa Afshar

“You may have no brother or sister. I don’t know if you will ever find your father. But I do know this. As one who calls God Abba, Father, you are never alone. Your earthly father may have abandoned you. Knowingly left you, even. But your heavenly Father will not. He will remain with you always. And in his presence, there is fullness of joy. Soul-deep calm. Favor and grace.”

– Theo, Jewel of the Nile

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Book Review

We all desire to be loved, cherished, and known. Every human soul, whether it knows it or not, craves the affirmation of love and acceptance that only Jesus can truly provide us. In this broken and sinful world, we can try to grasp that love through many means, and for Chariline, her heart’s focus is to find her biological father – a man she thought to be dead her entire life and now, through secrets revealed, has discovered is alive – is the way to fill that void and meet her deep need of love and acceptance.

In this thrilling, adventurous, and memorable biblical fiction from Tessa Afshar, we are taken on a journey through the ancient lands of Cush and the Roman Empire. All the while exploring the fundamental question of, what can truly satisfy our hungry souls? Packed with many familiar people from the Bible, Tessa weaves together a rich and engrossing story about betrayal and mystery. Overall, Tessa directs our gaze to Christ – the only one who will never leave us nor forsake us, and the only solution to our heart’s cry for being fully known and loved.

Journey with Chariline as she learns profound life lessons, draws nearer to her God, explores age-old kingdoms, forms friendships with biblical heroes including Priscilla and Aquila, and uncovers the truth behind who she is and how to truly fill that deep void of longing. This is a story that will lift your spirits and fill you afresh with hope and peace; a book not to be missed!

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