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The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission

By John Dickson

“But perhaps the best kept secret of Christian Mission is that the Bible lists a whole range of activities that promote Christ to the world and draw others toward Him.”

– John Dickson

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Book Review

Does the term ‘Evangelism’ immediately cause you to shrink down or sweat? Do you believe that the good news of Jesus Christ needs to be shared but that this is a job for someone else? In fact, anyone else? Because let’s be honest, there are so many other Christians way more qualified than us, right!?

Too often, we disqualify ourselves and our ability to ‘share the gospel’ with others. We fear saying the wrong thing or ruining a person’s chance at salvation because ‘we got it wrong’. While these are common thoughts and feelings for Christians, have we perhaps been looking at Evangelism wrong this whole time?

Are we more qualified and able to share the gospel than we initially thought?

John Dickson’s refreshing and much-needed message in The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission powerfully reminds us that we are ALL responsible for sharing the good news – yet in the specific way God has called us. We can do this without fear or worrying about ‘ruining’ it because our God is mighty and ultimately the one responsible for turning unsaved souls towards Himself. He will use us in the process, but we must not think ourselves too important that we can ruin His plans. Phew! What a relief!

Do yourself a favour and read this book, journey alongside the Holy Spirit to discern where your gifts and talents lie, especially those which will help you spread the gospel. You’ll forever be changed. Those opportunities to share your treasured hope, joy and faith in Jesus will no longer cause you to sweat or want to run away and hide – but to internally rejoice, to get excited, and to anticipate what the Lord will do.

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