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The Divine Proverb of Streusel

By Sara Brunsvold

“A talented baker employs the pantry ingredients; a wise woman adds a divine one. With every crumb she shakes from her palm, she pours a prayer from her lips… She sows seeds of love onto hate, mercy onto hurt, hope onto gloom, giving freely of the faith she possesses.”

– Lena  Baumann

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At twenty six Nikki thought all of her dreams had fallen into place with her great job and committed boyfriend, but her world shatters when her father unexpectedly abandons her family.

Reeling with anger and hurt, Nikki can’t help but project her dad’s betrayal and failed marriage onto her relationship with her boyfriend Isaac, and during what should be a serious conversation about their future, she runs, as fast and as far as she can go.

Desperately seeking peace and comfort, Nikki finds herself at her estranged uncle Wes’ farm – the farm her father grew up on – only to find that this refuge could be the place where her hurting heart finds rest and healing. Nikki discovers that it’s her own family story, her ancestry, and the memories surrounding her father’s family home – the Eddner farmhouse – that will transform and renew her. By exploring her culinary roots through a hand-written proverbial cookbook discovered in a storage box, the farmhouse becomes her sanctuary during a crucial point in her life where she could either give in to fear and bitterness or choose to forgive and trust God.

As she learns more about the women who came before her, she also finds herself, discovering a German heritage rich with faith, wisdom, and a particular fondness for potatoes!

🌷 What I loved…
The themes of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the power of remembrance. “Nikki realizes how delicious streusel with a healthy dollop of faith can serve as a guide to heal wounds of the past”


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