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The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip

By Sara Brunsvold

“You said the mark of authentic love is dying a thousand deaths to self. I get now what you meant by that because I watched you live it out.”

– Aidyn Kelley, The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip

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Book Review

Mrs. Clara Kip is a woman who is nothing short of extraordinary, and yet, she claims to be exceedingly unimpressive. If there’s one thing Clara would have you know about herself, it’s that she did her utmost to leave the love Jesus first gave her, in her wake. Clara’s song and story is one of praising her Saviour, the God of new life. Because of her deep affection and love for Jesus, her ordinary life of grief and loss is turned into something of great wonder and hope; despite the burden and cost, Clara loved in Jesus’ name, knowing that loving others in His name is never wasted.

“What was it about Mr. Slesher that made you connect with him?”

“The fact that he’s a human.”

“I mean specifically.”

She turned to the girl. “That’s as specific as it gets.”

‘The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip’ will challenge and inspire you to love your fellow humans more passionately. There aren’t enough words to accurately describe the overwhelming beauty, depth and hope found within the pages of this book, and any attempt to do so will simply fall short.

“The heart is designed to give far more love than the brain can calculate and to endure far more loss than the body anticipates.”

This story reminds us that living a life that embodies sacrificial love is a life that dies a thousand times to self. Not only is this the most extraordinary way to live, but it’s also the most extraordinary way to die. It would be impossible to read this book and not be moved.

“She had left in possession of every treasure Mrs. Kip could impart. Her story and her journals. Her friendship and her counsel. Her admiration of a city and her adoration of the Psalms. Her humility – and her desire to follow God wherever he led.”

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