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The Fifth Avenue Story Society

By Rachel Hauck

“Story doesn’t have to be written… It can be told. Every day we listen to, live, and breathe stories. What we’re doing right now is a story. People who would’ve otherwise never met are sharing a moment.” 

– Jett Wilder, The Fifth Avenue Story Society

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Book Review

The Fifth Avenue Story Society, an unheard-of club, beckons five New Yorkers to join as mysterious invites arrive in the hands of Lexa, Jett, Ed, Coral and Chuck. These five strangers unwittingly become wayfarers on a journey. Yet this is no ordinary adventure, nor does it require globetrotting; this journey is one of emotional and spiritual growth, intending to get to the heart of the issues consuming each broken, lonely, and hurting individual.

Sceptical of the invites, everyone attends anyway. Some curiously seek the purpose of the club and wonder about the sender of the invites, while others simply enjoy the company and chit-chat. But how long can these strangers continue to meet without revealing hidden truths about their lives, and who will be the first to break the ice and take these newly forming friendships deeper? Is it possible that a group of seemingly unconnected people can find friendship, freedom, healing, and love, in the cosy old library, over pizza and awkward conversations?

The Fifth Avenue Story Society is a beautiful and unique story, interweaving the curious lives of five authentic characters. As you journey alongside each character, you’ll begin to feel the humanness of their circumstances and choices, and long for their release into who they were created to be. You’ll be delighted to find that the author of their stories, the unseen hand of God, can and does meticulously work everything together.

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