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The Printed Letter Bookshop

By Katherine Reay

“Maddie’s books provided a trail, like breadcrumbs, leading me to who I want to be, or maybe back to who I once set out to be…”

– Janet, The Printed Letter Bookshop

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Book Review

When beloved bookstore owner Maddie passes away, three seemingly disconnected and polar opposite women find their lives intertwined through the quaint and cosy Printed Letter Bookshop. Madeline, a young professional working in the corporate world (and Maddie’s estranged niece), finds herself endowed with the store, much to her despair, and immediately makes plans to sell and move on with her life.

Meanwhile, Claire and Janet – Maddie’s friends and bookstore employees – desperately seek ways to hold onto the store; after all, the store is a representation of Maddie’s own heart.

Unlikely friendships develop over a mutual love of books and coffee, and as each woman follows the book ‘breadcrumbs’ left by Maddie. Though Maddie is gone, the legacy she leaves behind profoundly impacts the three friends, and they find themselves reevaluating their beliefs, and their lives, and transforming their perspectives. Through Maddie’s tender love, care, and planning before her death, each woman is awakened to becoming the woman they dreamed of being. This triggers a fervour in each soul to pursue forgiveness, transformation, and faith in the God Maddie so profoundly adored and cherished.

The Printed Letter Bookshop is the perfect book to read alongside friends who love a great story about friendship, faith, love, and hope! It’s not to be missed.

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