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The Thrill of Orthodoxy

By Trevin Wax

“The way forward is to reach back, to find renewal in something old – foundational truths tested by time, a fount of goodness that refreshes and satisfies, long forgotten beauty from the past that lifts our eyes above the suffering and sorrow of the present… What the church needs today is to recapture the thrill of orthodoxy.”

– Trevin Wax

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Book Review

Do you hear words such as theology, orthodoxy and doctrine and immediately become disinterested or fearful?

Trevin’s hope for us as readers is that this book will help to reawaken our appreciation for biblical and historical Christianity so that we may be steady and fruitful in the turbulent times we all know are coming.

Recapturing a renewed sense of awe and wonder at the glories of the gospel, we can pay attention to signs of where the thrill might have faded and protect ourselves from drifting in error.

“The best way to counter the drift toward heresy is with the thrill of orthodoxy… the best way to avoid new errors is to love old truths.”

Trevin gives the western church a diagnosis:

  • We’ve lost our wonder of the Bible, and familiarity with it has cultivated heartened hearts and boredom.
  • We’re living in Cultural chaos, prone to forget our first love, chasing new teachings instead of clinging to age-old truths.
  • We’re complacent and living a compartmentalised living of the faith.

All of the above means we may be prone to assuming the truth of Christianity while focusing on something else. This problem is because “Assuming orthodoxy is the path to abandoning orthodoxy.”

Orthodoxy is important. It’s more than just a backpack we take with us during our Christian journey: it’s a map with grammar, helping us walk and talk as faithful sojourners “with a compass always pointing us to God.”

I LOVED this book from the very first page ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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