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When Striving Cease

By Ruth Chou Simons

“We say we trust that Jesus is enough, but we spend our lives trying to prove that we are instead.”

– Ruth Chou Simons

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Book Review

Ruth presents a very thorough, thoughtful, and encouraging case for God’s sufficiently in our weakness. A calling to cease striving, surrender to our mighty God, and be filled with hope as we rid ourselves of our need for self-improvement. Instead, we aim to view our lives through His perfection, enoughness, and unlimited grace.

Ruth invites us to join her on a journey she’s still on. The beauty of this book is found both in the powerful truth of scripture woven throughout the pages and in Ruth’s personal stories and testimony. As she shares her hope of discovering God’s Grace in everyday things and knowing it is more than enough to sustain it her this side of eternity.

“God desires to prove his faithfulness through our surrender in our weakness, but so often we choose to resist his help, clinging to our own determination to prove ourselves strong. We’d rather limp along in our striving than surrender in weakness. The reason we limp along and live worn out in our Christian lives is what I hope to uncover in these pages you hold in your hands, and it’s what I seek to lead us out of through the means of grace” (p9).

“So when do strivings cease?”

Striving cease when…

… we no longer need to prove our worth.

… we stop chasing approval as our comfort.

…we glory in our weaknesses.

… God is greater than our accomplishments.

…we know peace apart from pleasing others.

… God is for us and no longer against us.

… Jesus so captures our gaze we stop chasing everything else” (p226).

I really enjoyed this book!

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