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You’re Not Enough (and that’s okay)

Allie Beth Stuckey

“While self-love depletes, God’s love for us doesn’t. He showed us his love by sending Jesus to die for our sins so that we could be forgiven and live forever with him. Self-love is superficial and temporary. God’s love is profound and eternal.”

– Allie Beth Stuckey

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Book Review

his book is about dismantling the lies the toxic culture of self-love has fed us and replacing them with God’s truth.

Through personal testimony and relatable stories from other women struggling to find self-acceptance, Allie breaks down the many reasons why culture’s version of self-love is so toxic and detrimental. Instead, she implores us to focus our gaze not on trying to be enough and love ourselves more but on focusing on Jesus and his ‘enough’. She does this by breaking down five myths and correcting them with biblical truth;

  • Myth One; You are enough.
  • Myth Two; You determine your truth.
  • Myth Three; You’re perfect the way you are. 
  • Myth Four; You’re entitled to your dreams. 
  • Myth Five; You can’t love others until you love yourself.

“While ‘the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy’ in the name of self-love, Jesus came that we may have abundant life through him (John 10:10). His way leads to joy, to peace, to wisdom, to comfort, to steadiness, to purpose – to all the things you’ve been told to look for in yourself but haven’t been able to find. You’re not enough. You’ve never been enough. You never will be enough. And that’s okay”.

Read this book and experience the freedom of knowing that you’re not enough, but that’s okay! Replace the toxic lies you’ve been believing with biblical wisdom and start fresh – finding your joy, peace, and hope not in yourself, but Jesus. He is unable to fail you. He fills up your ‘not enough’. He is the way, the truth and the life. He corrects your imperfections through sanctification. He gives you better dreams for your life than your own, and He equips you to love others well. Apart from Him, you can do nothing.

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