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Carved in Ebony

By Jasmine L. Holmes

“What if… we told the story of America as the story of God’s faithfulness – not our own?… It is from this perspective that I seek to tell you the story of ten incredible Black women.”

– Jasmine L. Holmes

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Book Review

‘Carved in Ebony’ is a beautiful collection of stories from the lives of Black women throughout history. Women who have stood firm in their faith and declared their worth, beauty, and inherent value as image-bearers of our great God. Despite living in a time when Black women were among one of the most oppressed people groups of the world, they were called by the Lord to liberate their fellow enslaved people.

Jasmine powerfully weaves together, through biography and memoir, a new and much-needed perspective of history. She doesn’t forget the past or seek to hide one of America’s biggest shames – yet presents the stories of these women through the lens of God’s faithfulness to His word. Through this perspective, she shares with us lessons we can learn from the lives of ten incredibly faithful black women.

These women were often born into slavery themselves and were subjugated to immeasurable cruelty and injustices, yet God equipped them for this mighty task despite their circumstances. The Lord was not limited by the cruelty of America’s chattel slavery and, through His grace, moved mightly among Black women during this time.

It’s easy to bury the past, but instead of forgetting, we can use our mistakes and transgressions to inform our future decision-making. Through remembering, we can all seek to become more like Jesus as we allow ourselves to be taught by the women history books have forgotten. These women played an essential role in setting the captives free; working tirelessly to build schools, change laws and preach the gospel. Their actions and faithfulness have shaped the landscape of American history and faith as it is seen today.

This book is an essential read for all men and women alike as we humble ourselves, repent from our wicked ways, and seek to better love others around us– knowing ALL people are created in the image of God.

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