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Dear Henry, Love Edith

By Becca Kinzer

“Adventures aren’t supposed to be easy, right? That’s why they’re called adventures.” 

– Edith Sherman

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Book Review

In a small Midwestern town, Edith Sherman is killing time volunteering at the local crisis nursery centre. Having been recently widowed after a difficult marriage, Edith is experiencing a quarter life crisis and is desperate to chase after a big adventure – something she is sure will fill the whole in her heart and give her life purpose. Edith has packed up her former life, and is clumsily tripping her way forward into something new. 

While she impatiently awaits the arrival of her final paperwork for her humanitarian mission to South Africa, she finds herself staying at Henry’s home. Henry, she believes, is a crotchety old man, while Henry thinks Edith is an elderly widow… and this is where the fun begins!

After a series of hilarious impromptu meetings with their identities still unknown, sweet letters sent back and fourth, and the small town going wild with chatter, this story unfolds in a comfortingly predictable way, with a whole bunch of laughs in between.

Read this one if you enjoy:

Adorable Meet Cutes ✔️

Swoony PG kisses ✔️

Hilariously Unrealistic Situations ✔️

Mistaken Identity ✔️

Love Letters ✔️

Small Town Romance ✔️

New Beginnings ✔️

Fake Relationship ✔️

My favourite part of this book was how quickly and humorously situations escalated, the quirks of the small-town locals, the clumsiness and queer nature of loveable leading lady Edith, and Henry’s back-and-forth bromance with Lance.

If you’re a person who doesn’t enjoy unrealistic situations, this book might not be for you. But those of us who love to read a book through rose-coloured glasses – don’t miss this one! 

Triggers: infidelity, terminal cancer, stalker (unwanted and persistent attention from BIL) , death.

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